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Our Team

   Corey Oliver - Founder and CEO

In 2006 Corey Co-founded Physical Advantage an award winning Dubai Fitness Solutions Company, Then in January 2007 he pioneered and launched the first ever Militaristic Style Bootcamp Programs that have since taken the UAE by storm. 

This journey has brought him to where he is today as Founder and CEO of Original Fitness Co. a Dubai and Abu Dhabi based Fitness Training Company, which is Abu Dhabi's first ever Fitness Training Company and Boot Camp Fitness Program Facilitator. 

Corey is incredibly close to all Original Fitness Co. Fitness Programmes, thereby ensuring that every individual person is getting exactly the training and workout they need to achieve their personal goals. By doing so he also ensures that each and every Original Fitness Co. Trainer is providing intensive and highly motivational programme's that are perfect for your needs. 

He is an Arabian Gulf International IRB 2009 Rugby Sevens World Cup Representative and a former Australian Ocean Ironman Competitor, outside of these Corey also regularly takes part in other activities from advanced level swimming, to long distance soft sand running, kayaking, competitive boxing, and surfing. 

Corey has worked as a Master Personal Trainer and a Swim Squad Instructor for leading gyms and recreation facilities in Australia and Dubai for more than a decade. His professional sporting background means he can offer a level of training that is normally only available to professional athletes. 

With personal passions including Sport, Health and Fitness, he also focuses on Corporate Fitness programmes and consultations in order to provide companies with a fitter, happier workforce. As such he achieved great success in launching Leadon, The Dubai Holding Future Leaders Corporate Wellness program, the Middle East's first ever corporate wellness program. 

He has trained Royalty, Government Dignitaries, Professional Athletes and Celebrities and has been frequently featured as a Middle East fitness expert in Mens Fitness, Ahlan, Whats on, Time Out, The National, Leisure Manager, Aquarius, 7days and Gulf News. He has featured on Dubai One TV's Out and about and Emirates Evening News Programs as well as being a panel member on City 7's City Women and Sport on 7 TV shows. 

Corey has a mastered the art of combining a fun, exciting and easy-going approach with motivational and sport-smart techniques in order to ensure that every Original Fitness Co. participant has a great time while achieving what they may have previously thought impossible.

    Chrislain Ngangwa - Senior Fitness Trainer

Chrislain hails from Cameroon and has resided in the Middle East for over 4 years.

He is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic in his role as Fitness Trainer. He has gained first hand experience on how health and fitness can have such a positive influence on one's lifestyle and is a qualified Fitness and Group Fitness Trainer who is qualified to teach a wide variety of Training programs.

Chrislain has a passion for Sports, Football and making Fitness fun and takes great pride in helping his clients to be fitter, healthier and happier in their everyday lives. With a competitive nature, Chrislain has competed in many UAE national Football Tournaments. His experience and motivation will help you to be the person you dream to be

His motto is 'Leave your comfort zones at the door.

    Anne Cortes – Fitness Trainer – Abu Dhabi

Anne has been an Abu Dhabi resident since 2007. She has 6 years of experience in the UAE Corporate sector as a banker and also holds a Bachelor of science degree in Commerce, Major in Applied Economics. Her experience working in the UAE Corporate sector has brought her attention to the fact that people generally do tend to live sedentary lifestyles due to very busy work schedules.

In an urge to help the corporate professionals maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, she decided on a career change to pursue all things Health, Fitness & Wellness as a Qualified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor.

In her adolescent years Anne was a regular competitor in taekwondo, tennis and basketball tournaments.  Recent hobbies include Volleyball & Watersports such as surfing, standup paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

Anne represented the UAE Wakeboard Federation at the WWA Wake Park World Championship Competition 2011 & 2012.

The type of Fitness programming that Anne Specializes in is a mix of Functional training disciplines, Cardiovascular, Flexibility, Core, Resistance & Combat Training.

Her goal is to assist women to achieve the body, mind & lifestyle that they have long desired.

“Because being fit & healthy isn’t a phase, it’s a lifestyle.”

    Matt Hutchings – Fitness Trainer

Matt comes to Original Fitness Co. from Wales in the UK. He is an active sportsman and played semi-professional Rugby in Wales. To date he keeps his sporting passion alive by playing with the Abu Dhabi Harlequins in the UAE Rugby Association league.

A highly competent and enthusiastic Personal Trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals, Matt has more than 10 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry, working in local UK Leisure Centres, Health Clubs and also operated his own Health Club for a number of years.

Matt is a great asset to the Original Fitness Co. team and is ready and raring to help YOU reach your Health, Fitness & Wellness goals.


  David Crocker – Fitness Trainer

David hails from both the Middle East and Australia, which has provided him with a nomadic lifestyle as a global citizen.  His passion for sports and competition started at an early age where he was involved in swimming, athletics, soccer, basketball and volleyball. He has been involved in boxing over the past fewyears in Australia and has been a certified personal trainer and boxing instructor since 2008.

He is a fluent Arabic speaker and has studied and worked in Australia for the past 6 years completing a Bachelor of International Relations, a Diploma in Business, and further qualifications in fitness and strength and conditioning.  His raw passion for strength and fitness has led him to the Fitness Industry where he has implemented programs for children and adults in the areas of functional weight training, sprint & interval training, personal training, boxing and strength and conditioning for a variety of athlete.

David has joined the OFC in Dubai to be closer to his family and to further his fitness career in a bustling city where he hopes to encourage a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle in others.  Together with his experience and the latest in exercise research, he looks forward to helping everyone reach their goals as fast as possible.

His motto is: "The elevator to success is out of order, you’re going to have to take the stairs."


  Martin Hadfield– Fitness Trainer

UK expat Martin Hadfield has a proven track record of success in personal training and fitness instruction. Having spent the preceding 20 years in the industry he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to back this up. His passion began as a teenager when he competed in athletics as a sprinter.

He then got heavily involved into power training to enhance his performance. This lead to a very successful period where he became a British competitor and a County Champion in Natural Bodybuilding.

Martin then moved into teaching and personal training; really discovering his forte in life! He is qualified in Personal Training, Core Training, Kettlebells, Bodypump, Circuit Training  and Spinning. 

He is qualified in nutrition and weight management and can really assist in pairing a nutritional plan with an exercise plan.

Martin strives to help beginners, intermediate level and athletes achieve their goals.

He believes that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself! 


  Craig Dignan – Fitness Trainer

Craig Dignan hailing from Scotland is a fully qualified personal trainer, kettlebell & Group Fitness instructor, holding a level 3 on the register of exercise professionals (REPS), currently the highest level obtainable. He has experience of working with a wide range of clients, from first time gym users to athletes such as boxers.  

Craig has been involved in the Fitness Industry for 10 years and is extremely passionate in delivering the highest quality of training in every session that he completes. Craig's training style is a reflection of his passion and vision on how fitness can and should be delivered to achieve the greatest possible results, whilst keeping the sessions innovative & functional. The aim is to put the 'personal' back into personal training.

He has developed his own form of training in which he use's every muscle in the body during sessions in order to develop functional fitness which will train the body's aerobic and anaerobic systems to the highest possible level, keeping the training fun and effective. Most conventional exercises and resistance machine work concentrate on linear or isolated movement patterns creating uncoordinated and unbalanced strength, therefor Craig trains the muscles in a very different way – keeping the body guessing and constantly adapting which will improve overall fitness. Better balance, posture and core strength equal better performance with less energy expended.

Craig's extensive Kettlebell experience has proven results in dramatically improving clients body composition, resulting in extreme fat loss & increased lean muscle mass, giving clients that lean and toned body beautiful shape. 

Qualifications: Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer, Diploma in Personal Training, Extreme Kettlebell Teacher, Extreme Boxfit Trainer, Spin Qualified, Certified in Advanced Circuit Training

Specialities:Body Conditioning, Composition & Posture, Functional Fitness for Everyday Life, Weight Loss & Management, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, Nutritional Advice, Reduce the Risk of Future Health Problems, Greater Athletic Performance.


  Julie Caradec – Fitness Professional

French national Julie comes to OFC with an array of certifications such as: a Bachelors Degree in Sports & Medicine, CrossFit Level 1, Les Mills International Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness REPS level 3 Instructor, Kettlebell Intructor, Swimming Instructor & is world ranked Crossfit exponent.

Her skills, focus, enthusiasm and over 12 years experience means that she will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals in the safest & fastest amount of time possible.

Julie is a certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Reps level 3, her domain is mostly sports performance. She qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games in LA as a member of team Auckland after winning the Australasian CrossFit Regionals title and has since qualified twice as an individual for the Crossfit Regionals in 2011 & 2013.

Julie was a national swimmer in France with a background in long distance swimming of which she instructs as a certified learn to swim and swim squad coach in teaching infants, children & adults.

Outside of Fitness & Sport Julie has been employed as a professional Fire Fighter & Medic Traininer. She has also recently completed and has been certified as a Close Protection officer after a grueling course in South Africa. Julie implements Charles Poliquin Techniques such as the Bio Signature Fat Loss method with optimal results guaranteed every time.

Julie believes that commitment is the biggest key to achieving the goals and dreams that you have set out to conquer in life, it is all about YOU and she will support you with the utmost attention and care to get you to the finish line.


   Fedaa "Frankie" Abou Shahen - Fitness Trainer

Frankie hails from the world! She is of Palestinian background and went to school in Dubai. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration specialising in Accounting and Finance. She has experience in External Audits from Ernst & Young till 2004 which landed her in Sydney - Australia to further her studies with a Masters in Accounting and a CPA Certification. Thereafter she worked at Macquarie Bank in the fields of Risk Management, Regulatory Reporting and Business Analysis.

She has always been enthusiastic about high energy activities and during her 8 years in Sydney she kept herself busy with a passion for Zumba, body pump and kick boxing.

In 2011 Frankie made a move back to Dubai to be closer to her family. She was looking for a new outlet and viola found a new home with the OFC family at Uptown Mirdif park. The Basic Fitness Assessment provided her with a rank and she was determined to climb the ranks, with guidance and assistance of the OFC team she signed up for the OFC Success Program and the rest is now history.

52 Kilograms and 1 year later, Frankie has never been happier, never been more energetic, and never realised what or who she was meant to be. Her inspiring success leads her to want to inspire others, and with this she joins the OFC family from recruit to trainer and is now certified as a Fitness Trainer.

Frankie brings with her a background of business, finance, project management and finally fitness training to add value to the Original Fitness Co. She aspires to increase health and fitness awareness in the community especially with children because they are the future.

Her mottos are "Everything turns out well in the end, if it is not well, then its not the end", "impossible don't exist, it even thinks I'm possible!!"....... She lives by the strength of the mind which is limitless.


    Stephen Bancroft - Senior Fitness Trainer

Stephen has over 10 years experience in fitness, ranging from personal training right through to elite level sports conditioning.

He has operated as a fully qualified and licensed Sports Trainer in many facilities/environments across several countries utilising a unique blend of high level education and several years of elite sport conditioning experience. In addition, he has worked with a number Australia, the UK and UAE’s top football teams as a Sports Scientist.

Stephen believes that his role is to provide guidance and motivation to establish exercise habits that will last a lifetime. To do this he utilises a mix of aerobic, resistance, functional, circuit and interval training coupled with the latest research to help his clients reach their goals... fast.


    Sam Botros - Senior Fitness Trainer

In 2007 Sam Botros was the key Military and Physical Training Advisor for the first ever Fitness Military Bootcamp that was launched in the UAE. He designed the initial Bootcamp training systems which are still in use today.

Sam is an enthusiastic and experienced Fitness Trainer who has been residing in the UAE since 2004. He had spent most of his youth in New Zealand, but has also lived in Ireland, England, and Australia.

Sam brings with him 20 years of Military experience having served with both the New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces, The majority of his time was spent with the Elite Australian SAS unit before arriving in the UAE.

He has always displayed a very strong focus towards the fitness industry and has been a qualified personal trainer for over 15 years.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science (Security Management), Diploma (Middle East Culture), and Diploma (Sports Science) which encompasses strength & conditioning, sports medicine and nutrition.

Sam has trained and conditioned a diverse group of high level organisations such as the US Seals, UK Special Forces, UAE Special Forces, Australian and New Zealand SAS, Pakistan Cricket Team, Australian Cricket Team, Australian Rugby Union team, and The Arabian Gulf 2009 World Cup Men's Rugby Sevens Team.

He is a fluent Arabic speaker and has represented the New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces in Rugby, Biathlon, Athletics, Cross country, Squash and was also a qualified Unarmed Combat Instructor whilst serving in the Australian SAS.

    Andrew Webber - Remedial Massage Therapist

Andrew joins us from Melbourne, Australia with a Diploma in Massage (Remedial). He has previously managed 2 busy Melbourne Remedial Sports Massage Clinic's in Brighton and on St Kilda road for a total of six years.

A pro-active attitude to sports injuries has meant a rewarding career for Andrew, with clients ranging from Professional Golfers and A-league Football Players to Cricketers, Triathletes, Cyclists, Short Distance Runners and Marathon Enthusiasts.

He has also carved a name for himself with clients suffering from long term chronic pain, sciatic pain, shoulder dysfunction, upper thoracic pain (an office workers nemesis), lumbar tightness and stress related issues.

He has been a Kendo competitor at state representative level for almost 10 years, and is passionate about the martial art, a passion he continues in the UAE having joined the Abu Dhabi Kendo Club.

His years competing at the highest level mean that he is accustomed to dealing with short time-goals in respect to injury correction - and as a result his friendly, but no nonsense approach to Massage Therapy and Corporate Wellness is what sets him apart.

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